Motley Crew 

2022 Orlando

This is the name of our mixed gender collective/composite teams which are formed temporarily for a single event, and may or may not have practices included.  As a result, anyone signing up for this team must have experience paddling with an existing team (their "home" team).  These teams are for paddlers who want some extra races on top of those already part of their home team program.  You may not sign up for this team at a particular regatta if your home team is also racing at the same regatta.  This team is open to anyone, not just Rusty Dragons paddlers. 

2022 Aug 9 Update: We had a short team Zoom meeting on Sunday evening and made several initial decisions (shared to team members via email).  Registration for the "GWN Orlando" festival is still open (we need 5-6 more people).  See the details below.  To register, hit the "Click Here to Sign Up" button below.  

- This mixed gender team is open to anyone in North America and beyond.

- We are capping the team registration at 24 paddlers (includes drummer and steer/coach).

- It is for intermediate to experienced paddlers as we are racing with few practices together.

- The coach for the team will be identified by the end of July.  Likely co-coach from within.
- The team captains will be chosen once more people have registered.

- We hope to rent some large AirBnB type units with several separate bedrooms.

$69 USD / $90 CAD fee includes practice & race costs.  

- We'll all wear our own individual team jerseys, but add a sleeve or bandana for everyone.

- Paddlers should arrive by Thursday noon (Oct 13) in order to best prepare for race day.

- Paddlers are responsible for their travel, room, and food costs (coordination help provided). 

Practices:  2


We will arrange for one or two practices at the GWN race venue, likely on Thursday evening at 6 PM and Friday early afternoon at 3 PM.  The team will vote on the prefered dates and times.

Regattas: 1

GWN Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival at Turkey Lake, Orlando 

Saturday, Oct 15th.  Three races: 3x500m, in the community mixed division.


$90 CAD / $69 USD

Payment is preferred by Interac e-mail transfer to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." for Canadians, or by cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures".  Contact Tim to inquire about other payment options.  Alternatively, mainly for American paddlers, we can submit a PayPal invoice to you via email and you can pay securely via credit card.  Venmo options may also be possible.

2022 ORLANDO Members





  • Tim MacFarlane
      Barracudas - Toronto
  • Freddie Tsao
       Agua Libre - Denver 
  • Kara Drayer
       LCKC/Mekong - Atlanta
  • Elsa Olarte
       Paddles of Fury - Toronto
  • Céline Fournier
       22 Dragons - Montreal

  • Estelle McCalmont
      PDBC - Markham
  • Ryan Loewinsohn
       Nichi Bei Go - Denver
  • Rae Migliorini
       CODA - Denver
  • Shida Yari
       Knot a Breast - Hamilton
  • JoAnn Moore
       Survivors in Sync - Sarasota

  • Will Bober
       CODA/Agua Libre - Denver
  • Diane Gropp
       Barracudas - Toronto
  • Tosha Harry
       CODA - Denver
  • Vu Be
       LCKC - Atlanta
  • Jennifer Marshall
       Kansas City Pink Warriors