The following are general safety plans for the club. See the Outrigger Canoe Program page for the safety plan more specific to that program and the outrigger boats.

Vaccination Policy

Effective Wednesday September 22, 2021, in coordination with the provincial rollout of a Proof of Vaccination program (and eventual Vaccination Passport system), the club requires all participants of all programs to be fully vaccinated as per federal definitions and for two weeks to have elapsed since the final dose. Participants must prove they have been vaccinated by presenting their vaccination certificate or vaccination passport (when that is enabled provioncially). To get a new copy of your receipt, go to Ontario COVID website


Hygiene, Sanitation, and Cleanliness

Personal Hygiene: Practice good hygiene before, during and after any gathering such as paddling practices, walks, exercise sessions, etc.  This includes washing hands, avoid touching your face, avoid touching public surfaces where possible, cover coughs/sneezes, etc. 

Hand Sanitizers: Members must bring and use hand sanitizer when arriving at each in-person event and regularly throughout the event when needed. The hand sanitizer solution kills up to 99.9% of germs and adheres to Health Canada guidelines.

Bring Your Own Equipment: Members are asked to bring their own fitness and/or paddling equipment for in-person events whenever possible.  Members may borrow equipment from other members but will be required to thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment between each use with procedures effective against COVID-19 in accordance with public health guidelines. 
  >> Inquire with the club should you want to purchase a paddle or PFD. 
  >> We will also look into donations or loans of equipment that you would be assigned to for the season for personal use.

Disinfect Equipment Between Uses: Paddlers must thoroughly clean and disinfect any shared team equipment before and after each use.  If disinfecting supplies are not available, the shared equipment should not be used.
  >> Paddles - They will be sanitized by the venue or the club prior to and after use.  Paddlers can help by helping sanitize them when done.
  >> Boats - Their commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized by the venue or club prior to and after use.  This includes seats, gunwales, etc.

Health Checks

Health Declaration: In accordance with contact tracing best practices, members are required to complete a brief Health Declaration form before each in-person event to confirm they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (or any unidentfied sickness), and have not come in contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms. 
We will use the Ontario screening tool...,Chief%20Medical%20Officer%20of%20Health

 Personal Awareness - Every paddler and the coach and others involved have to ensure that they are monitoring themselves for symptoms.  No person shall participate in the practice if they are feeling unwell for any reason.

Personal Risk Level – *If you belong to a high risk group (age, immune compromised, other health risks that Covid 19 could put you at higher risk of serious illness or death), you must make a personal decision as to whether or not you wish to paddle once restrictions are lifted.  This is a personal decision.   *If you belong to a potential high risk exposure professional group, please take all precautions to mitigate transmission of Covid 19 to others (monitoring for symptoms, wearing mask).

Notifications: Members will be asked to alert operational and coaching staff if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last in-person event.  Staff must notify all potentially exposed persons if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at one of our in-person events.

Contact Tracing - A list of all paddlers, coaches, volunteers, etc. will be taken and logged for every in-person group event, such as each group paddling practice, each group walk or exercise session, each special event, etc.  Contact information will be taken for each paddler along with the date and time they are on site.  The coach or a designated person will record this information.  A boat image with the paddler seating may also be taken and kept for each practice.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face Coverings: Members and coaching staff will be required to wear face coverings during events at all times, except when they cannot do so for health and safety reasons. Members will also be required to wear face coverings, even when vigorously training unless they are at least thirty (30) feet away from the next person.  Any member who refuses to wear a face covering will be turned away from our in-person events.

PPE’s – Each person will need to supply their own masks and eye protection and wear these before and during practice, and when on training property.

Gloves: Members are encouraged to wear gloves while handling, cleaning, and disinfecting any team equipment.

Physical Distancing Etiquette

Limited Event Capacity: Members will be asked to register in advance to all in-person events.  Each event may have a limit on attendees.  For the safety of everyone involved, registration should be enforced and members should be turned away if an event is at capacity.

Physical Distancing: Members must be asked to practice physical distancing etiquette during all in-person events. Coaching staff must remain six feet away from members at all times, even while providing coaching and corrections.  We will make every effort to keep people as far apart as possible when options exist.

Distancing Cues: To assist members in giving each other enough space, physical distancing cues will be marked at in-person training events.  For the safety of everyone involved, members must be asked to follow these cues along with instructions from our operational and coaching staff.

Person-to-Person Contact: All members must be asked to avoid any person-to-person contact, including hugs, handshakes, high-fives, and fist bumps.  

Group Size: Gatherings of 5 or fewer people (or whatever the laws of the day dictate). Scheduling must not allow for overlap.  Members must paddle at their designated time with their designated group.  Members must adhere to their scheduled day and time. Avoid social congregations.  Come to the site ready to paddle.


By signing a club waiver as well as willingly participating, the paddler accepts the risk of contracting Covid-19 by participating in any club activities.

If a paddler becomes aware of  any violation on the conditions of this plan, they should notify their coach as soon as possible. Non-compliance with these measures should result in a revocation of paddling and./or other event privileges.


The Covid-19 Safety Plan is subject to change as restrictions change.