We are a competitive racing team who had their first full season of racing in 2022 (5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze) and then a great year two in 2023 (5th overall at GWN Sport Mixed regatta, and "B" Division Grand Championship winners at the GWN Challenge.  The team is for motivated paddlers who want to step up their training and goals to another level.  We welcome paddlers to join us on our rise in the dragon boat world.  The team has qualifying criteria including basic fitness tests that are very reasonable.  New in 2023 we will use TeamSnap to manage our practices and team communications.

Need another reason to join us?  We are very fortunate to have Bethany Yam and Jamie Gleason as our coaches.   They returned from the 2023 World's in Thailand with fistfuls of medals.


** Registration is still open for our 2024 Winter Training (see details below) - just a few spots left!!  We expect the 2024 Summer Program to be announced and registration opened by end of November.   

The team has eligibility requirements that will be communicated to prospective paddlers.  This includes a higher attendance commitment to practices and mandatory regattas, basic fitness testing, and adequate space on the team for each gender (8-12 each of men and women.  By registering, you agree to the understanding that you may not make the team, even if you meet all of the requirements.  That being said, we encourage paddlers to join us!

Co-captains: Graeme Kondruss and TBD

Coaches: Beth Yam and Jamie Gleason  

Team Manager: Tim MacFarlane

Contact our team co-captains if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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This is the fifth year for this team. Join us and spend your summer months enjoying the paddling, camaraderie, and fresh air on waterfront that comes with this team. New this year is monthly video review - where we take video of team paddling and can look at it later to identify areas where the team can improve. This is an invaluable tool to becoming a better team. We have two dedicated co-captains identified very early on to help plan for an amazing year!

Our 2024 Program

Winter indoor training program registration is NOW OPEN.  For reference, see the winter program details on the left panel below entitled "2024 WINTER TRAINING:". 

Summer program registration will be announced and registration opened by the end of November.  See the details on the right panel below entitled "2024 SUMMER RACING:" for the latest details and status, and contact the team captains if interested. 



We are training twice-a-week, Mondays and Wednesday evenings.  This program is mandatory for those looking to join the team this summer, but space permitting we can accept a few others wanting to train with us.  To register, click on the big BLUE button at top left of this page.


Mondays - 230 Nantucket Blvd.

  > Gym at 7:10 PM and Pool at 8:15 PM.

  > Nov 20 to Apr 8 (17 weeks).

  > Except Dec18 & 25, Jan01, Feb19.


Wednesdays - 700 University.
  > 6:30 to 7:30 PM.  Nov 22 to Apr 10.

  > 18 weeks - Except Dec20 & 27, Jan03.


Bethany Yam

Jamie Gleason

Winter Program Cost:


2024 Summer RACING:

This is why we train!  Our 2024 summer regattas are still being worked out by the team management committee (coaches, captains, manager) and reviewed by all team members.  When ready, details will be posted below and the big RED "registration" button at the top left of this page will be activated.

Until the 2024 summer program is finalized, last year's (2023) summer program is listed below for reference.

Pickering Challenge

June 3 on Frenchman's Bay.  Three races: 1x200m & 2x500m.

Toronto International

June 17-18 at Toronto Island. Two days of 200m & 500m races as final tune-up before Nationals.

GWN Sport Regatta

July 8 at Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto. Races include 2x200m, 2x500m, and 1x2km.

GWN Challenge

Sept 9-10 at Marilyn Bell Park. Four 500m races.

Practice Schedule (43 practices) at Outer Harbour

Mondays, May 1 to Oct 9 (Except July 3, Aug 7, and Sept 4).
Thursdays, May 4 to Oct 12.


Beth Yam

Jamie Gleason

2023 Summer Program Cost

$950 (last year)

Team Members 

Beth Yam
Jamie Gleason


Graeme Kondruss



Tim MacFarlane


  • Diane Gropp
  • Alex Vu
  • Deb Yu
  • B. A.
  • Dan Grech
  • Ken Nakamura 
  • Yasmine Hassen
  • Corinne Fox (guest)

  • Graeme Kondruss
  • Ilona Perkins
  • Susan Nguyen
  • Bill Phu
  • Iffia Wright 
  • Estelle McCalmont
  • Adam Anthony (guest)
  • Sandra Lewis (guest)
  • Tim MacFarlane
  • Sylvia Richmond
  • Jack Leong
  • Hamza Shahzad
  • Sarah Lesh
  • John Gannon
  • Bojana Perisic (guest)